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As Islamic extremists declare Britain's first Sharia law zone, the worrying social and moral implications
As a throng of Muslim families crowd around him, Abu Izzadeen speaks in a quiet voice of his plans for the future of Britain. The tall, bearded 36-year-old — who was recently freed from prison after serving a term for funding terrorism — is telling, in chilling detail, how he wants to impose Islam’s strict Sharia law on this country.

Unlikely UK terror alert makes news headlines around the world but no evidence is offered

Iraqi, 15, 'drowned after soldiers forced him into canal'
An Iraqi teenager drowned after four British soldiers forced him into a canal at gunpoint to "teach him a lesson" for suspected looting, a court martial heard yesterday.

The soldiers watched as Ahmed Jabar Karheem, 15, who was unable to swim, began to struggle when he was ordered into the Shatt al-Basra canal in May 2003. After the boy disappeared below the surface, the soldiers drove away. His body was recovered two days later.

RAF doctor jailed for refusing to go to Iraq
An RAF doctor who refused to serve in Iraq because he said the invasion was like a Nazi War CRIME was jailed yesterday.

Sex offender given job as a teacher not an isolated case
The row over a sex offender who was given a job at a school in Norwich has intensified with an admission from the Education Secretary that there have been more cases where sex offenders were cleared to work in schools by ministers.

Sex offenders in our schools. Just how many are there?
Further revelations last night that a convicted sex offender was given permission to work in a Bournemouth school have increased the pressure on Ruth Kelly to provide answers about how her department could have allowed such a scandal.

Troops Involved In Naked Ritual Abuse (And that's before they even leave the country)
So why are we surprised that they believe "abuse" of Iraqis to be perfectly normal?

It is no surprise that when the soldiers get to Iraq, they initiate the same kind of ritual abuse on Iraqi prisoners. They have become so tuned into it, it is an everyday part of their lives. Furthermore, ritual abuse and torture is now the norm in military circles, not just among the troops, but all the way through the command structure..

The reality of Britain's reliance on torture
By Craig Murray

It means the woman who was raped with a broken bottle in both vagina and anus, and who died after ten days of agony. It means the old man suspended by wrist shackles from the ceiling while his children were beaten to a pulp before his eyes. It means the man whose fingernails were pulled before his face was beaten and he was immersed to his armpits in boiling liquid.

Muslim magazine targets non-Muslim readers
The British public is being targeted by a glossy Muslim lifestyle magazine looking to draw in readers who have been bombarded with negative images of Islam.

Panorama documentary ‘tabloid style trash’ - MCB
The battle continued this week between The Muslim Council of Britain (MCB) and BBC Panorama as Mike Robinson, the Panorama Editor, and his team published a "substantive" response to the complaints made by the MCB....

Blair's honesty over Iran charges in doubt
Doubts have been raised by a British journalist over Prime Minister Tony Blair's honesty in making allegations at a news conference that Iran is interfering in Iraq.