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Between Rhetoric and Reality
The three Bush lies of the Iraq War

The Mustafa Mosque Massacre was No Accident or Error
The truth is that the U.S. is running Iraq from the giant U.S. Embassy compound in the Green Zone, and the Iraqi "government" remains a puppet regime. The truth is also that the U.S. has been spending billions of dollars not on Iraq reconstruction, which in any case is not being phased out if it ever was being attempted, but on building several large, permanent military bases inside Iraq, from which the U.S. has no intention of budging in the foreseeable future. (Want to guess where some of that "missing" $9 billion in U.S. reconstruction money has really gone?).

PNN exposes the full story of Israeli bulldozers burying a Palestinian alive in Hebron
A huge Israeli bulldozer buried Asamahain under the garbage, dumping tons of metal on his body. He was taken to an Israeli hospital, but without any hope of survival, and is now referred to as, “the martyr searching for bread.”

World Bank whistle blower details globalization squeeze plan
Read the following article which shows you how the World Bank operate. We find it amusing that if we ran our business like that, we would have the Feds on our doorstep and we would be arrested. There are two laws, one for the elite and one for you.

The farcical end of the American dream

U.S. Companies Profited As Iraqi Children Died
By Callum Macrae and Ali Fadhil

A financial scandal that in terms of sheer scale must rank as one of the greatest in history.

US faces Charges of two massacres of iraqi Civilians
"As far as the Americans were concerned, the Iraqi people were sub-human, untermenschen," Ben Griffin, a trooper in the Special Air Service's counter-terrorist team, told the Telegraph on Sunday, March 12, using the term used by the Nazis to describe Jews and Russians.

US Marines in Iraq caught killing Iraqi families for fun
US military investigators have flown to Iraq to study reports that marines shot dead at least 15 civilians, including seven women and three children. The incident is said to have happened in Haditha on 19 November 2005. The military's initial claim that the civilians died in a roadside blast was disproved by an earlier investigation. There have been many allegations from Iraqi civilians that similar behaviour by US troops has caused numerous civilian deaths in combat situations, especially during the offensives at Falluja and elsewhere.

US abuse undermines global rights drive-report
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The Bush administration's attempts to defend inhumane interrogation methods and seek exemptions from planned anti-torture legislation compromised campaigns for human rights around the world in 2005, Human Rights Watch said on Wednesday.

Al-Jazeera Succeeding Under Pressure

Anger as Paris newspaper prints cartoon of Prophet Muhammed (peace be Upon Him)
French Muslim leaders protested vehemently after the newspaper France-Soir reprinted 12 Danish cartoons of the Prophet Mohamed, one showing the Prophet with a turban shaped like a bomb.

Why European women are turning to Islam
Ms. Fallot, who converted to Islam three years ago after asking herself spiritual questions to which she found no answers in her childhood Catholicism, says she finds the suspicion her new religion attracts "wounding." "For me," she adds, "Islam is a message of love, of tolerance and peace."

It is a message that appeals to more and more Europeans as curiosity about Islam has grown since 9/11, say both Muslim and non-Muslim researchers. Although there are no precise figures, observers who monitor Europe's Muslim population estimate that several thousand men and women convert each year.

Restoration of Caliphate, Attacked by Bush, Resonates With Mainstream Muslims
"I wish there was a caliphate again, because if there was a caliphate all the Muslims would unite," said Ertugul Orel, in a sweater and tie at the sidewalk cafe he owns outside Istanbul's vast Hagia Sophia, an iconic building to both Christians and Muslims. "There would be one voice. But I know neither the American nor the Europeans will ever allow it."

Coca Cola poisons food and water in India
The Coca Cola company has been caught yet again literally poisoning the people in the third-world countries where its factories are located. A series of serious examples of industrial-scale mass poisoning activities have been exposed over a period of many years. The Coca Cola brand has become an international icon of imperial American capitalism, like McDonalds and other corporations. The drink contained cocaine to induce addiction, and it still is named after the coca plant today, but after changes in the law the corporation now uses slightly less addictive chemicals, including large quantities of sugar and the related drug caffeine to addict the children and adults who drink the beverage.

Bush makes false claim about Saddam Hussein and al-Qaeda

CIA and MI5 created IRA, PLO, al-Qaeda, and now Iraq's terrorist groups

Mainstream journalism is the voice of rampant power
The BBC and most of the British political and media establishment invariably cast such a horror as a public relations problem while minimizing the crushing of a city the size of Leeds, the killing and maiming of countless men, women, and children, the expulsion of thousands and the denial of medical supplies, food, and water – a major war crime.

US intelligence classified white phosphorus as "chemical weapon"

Fallujah - the hidden massacre Photo gallery
Warning - Images depict the reality and horror of war.

Poll: U.S. and Britain Lied to Justify Iraq War, Say Americans :
43 per cent of respondents believe both administrations lied to provide a reason for invading Iraq.

UN 'responsible for killing thousands', Shannon vandalism case hears
The Dublin born former Assistant Secretary General of the United Nations has told a jury that he holds the UN responsible for killing many thousands of people, including children, in Iraq through the imposition of sanctions.

Dozens of Abu Ghraibs
U.S. human rights groups have denounced before the U.N. Human Rights Committee that there are perhaps dozens of secret detention centres around the world where Washington is holding an unknown number of prisoners as part of its "war on terror".

Wiped off the map
Does calling for the elimination of a state constitute "a crime against humanity", as Shimon Peres contends? If so, then Ahmadinejad would be joined in the dock by every Israeli politician who has not only advocated but effected the policy of expansionism that continues to prevent a Palestinian nation state from emerging.

Oil-for-food probe implicates 2,000 firms
It detailed the manipulation of the program by companies around the world as well as individuals, groups and governments and made clear that nearly half of all the companies that took part in the program made illegal payments.

The Vice President's war on Saddam:
In August 2002, Dick Cheney was doing his best to shock the nation into action

The Maker of US policy
What a stroke of luck that God's advice to George Bush fits so neatly alongside US national interests

Ex-Marine Says He Committed Atrocities :
A former U.S. Marine in Iraq alleges that his battalion committed atrocities against Iraqi civilians during the U.S.-led invasion in 2003, including shooting unarmed protesters.

Why was the rape and sexual harassment of Iraqi women and girls ignored by worldwide media...
Photos depicting rape and sexual abuse of the Iraqi women by U.S. occupation forces have been completely omitted from the Western news reports so as not to fuel the anger among the Muslim world aroused by Abu Ghraib scandal.

Uzbekistan cuts off ties to U.S. on fighting terror
After cutting off U.S. access to a key military base, Uzbekistan has also quietly terminated cooperation with Washington on counterterrorism

U.S. soldiers get off easy for crimes against Iraqis, review finds
Al-Hillali said Army Pfc. John N. Lee and Spec. Timothy I. Barron claimed to be Marines searching for weapons. But once inside his house, he said, they used a knife to pry open a briefcase filled with money and eventually stole $2,000 in cash, silver and other valuables.

Bombers didn't need al-Qaeda
It is tempting to see the bombs in Bali yesterday as part of the wave of attacks launched by the supposedly still omnipresent al-Qaeda. But Islamic militancy in Indonesia, and in the Far East generally, is not new. It certanly far pre-dates Osama bin Laden.

Atta known to Pentagon before 9/11
Four years after the nation's deadliest terror attack, evidence is accumulating that a super-secret Pentagon intelligence unit identified the organizer of the Sept. 11 hijackings, Mohamed Atta, as an Al Qaeda operative months before he entered the U.S.

Muslim leaders fear racist attacks
ISLAMIC leaders have condemned the deadly terrorist bombings in Bali while warning of retribution against Australian Muslims.

Torture of Iraqis was for 'stress relief', say US soldiers
FOR the first time, American soldiers who personally tortured Iraqi prisoners have come forward to give testimony to human rights organisations about crimes they committed.