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Spirit and White Wine Vinegar (1 Comment(s))
I would be grateful if you could tell me whether spirit vinegar and wine vinegar are halal

The Issue of Alcohol in Cosmetic products and Medicine (UPDATED 04 MAY 2014) (194 Comment(s))
As a lot of Muslims visiting this website have asked about this topic i have felt the need to update it. If you have any further questions regarding any issues contained in the following article please do not hesitate to contact the admin team on: comments@ummahnews.co.uk. JazakAllah Khairun.

It is vitally important that we as muslims are fully aware that we are consuming and using halal products. On this page (according to Hanifi fiqh) We hope to present and make clear the issue of using Alcohol based ingredients in medicines and skincare products. The majority of the info on this page is taken from www.gmwa.org.uk (halaal food guide service.