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Economic system
Clapping in Muslim Gatherings And Celebrations
I have come heard many views that clapping is not permissible in Islaam. For example, an applause when children are performing something or any other halaal performance. Could you state whether this is true and which hadith relates to this.

In the Fiqh of the Rat Race
Balancing work with seeking Islamic knowledge

Say, what is with Allāh is better than play or trade. [1]

O you who believe, do not let your wealth or children divert you away from the remembrance of Allāh, And whoever does that are indeed the losers. [2]

Islamic Ruling on Car Insurance
This article explains which of the following: Third party or comprehensive car insurance is allowed to be taken out by muslims.

Are we allowed to give sadaqah from the interest that we earn on the money in our bank accounts?
The following is an article written by a brother some time ago but is still useful.

Please can you advise on the Shariah permissibility of guarantees and extended warranties
Many Muslims when they take out these forms of insurance see only the tangible economic benefit to them but do not realise to ask if it is halaal or haraam nor do our masjids inform us on such issues so therefore the bulk of islamic information is passed via the internet and sadly not from our masjids.

A gem from Islamic history

Zakat ul-Fitr explained (2 Comment(s))
This Article explains the important issue of Zakat ul-Fitr, which is payable during the month of Ramadhan.