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PNN exposes the full story of Israeli bulldozers burying a Palestinian alive in Hebron
All week long Hasham Mohammad Mousa Asamahain waits for Friday to come His reasoning, in short, is that on that day the 41 year old has a chance to go and earn a living. That is why Asamahain readied himself to travel to Beit Shemish, in the extreme north, west of Hebron. He was not in the southern West Bank to look for treasure or expensive ruins, but to find whatever he can to raise enough money to buy bread or pay the school fees for his six children. Asamahain’s punishment for this was to be buried alive in a garbage dump.

Asamahain was driven to this horrific end, leaving behind his children to an unknown fate: His 15 year old son Mohammad is an eighth grader, 14 year old Issa is a seventh grader, 10 year old Wula is a fourth grader, 6 year old Baha is a first grader, 5 year old Yasmin is not yet in school, while the youngest is just one and one half year old Ihab.

Asamahain was born in 1965 in Khorbi Village, which lies to the west of North Nuba Village, west of Hebron. He finished his secondary education and went to Hebron University, graduating in 1990 as a Social Studies teacher. But Asamahain was not appointed until just seven years ago in the Tafuah Secondary School for Boys in Tufuah Village, northwest of Hebron.

Through his hard work, Asamahain was able to earn a nearly 2,000 NIS salary per month. But this paltry amount was fully used by mid-month.

Asamahain’s home is simpler than anything imaginable, with just two main rooms for the entire family. His house, just as his children do, requires many essentials, such as a refrigerator for example. Asamahain had no choice but to take advantage of his day off which he should have been able to spend with his ill wife and children. He chose instead to go here and there in order to feed the family.

On Friday, 31 March, Asamahain went as usual without knowing where exactly he would find the money this time. He did not know that this would be a trip with no return to his kids, whom he kissed and hugs when he was leaving the house in the morning. It was to Beit Shemish that his fate led him, to a large garbage dump where Asamahain forced himself to dig through to find something salvageable to sell.

A huge Israeli bulldozer buried Asamahain under the garbage, dumping tons of metal on his body. He was taken to an Israeli hospital, but without any hope of survival, and is now referred to as, “the martyr searching for bread.”

After several attempts PNN was able to speak with one of Asamahain’s relatives, Omar Shaqik Al Maghdour. He confirmed that the Israeli authorities continued until 9:00 pm Saturday evening to keep Asamahain’s body, continuing to detain him even after death. “It was not sufficient for the bulldozer to bury him alive under the garbage, for the Israelis are now denying his wife and children the simplest of human rights, which is to kiss their husband and father goodbye and bury him according to the Sharia.”

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