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Unlikely UK terror alert makes news headlines around the world but no evidence is offered
Unlikely UK terror alert makes news headlines around the world but no evidence is offered

The British regime has claimed that a terrorist attack was prevented yesterday, and the claim has been among the top news headlines around the world, ever since the news broke.

No evidence or specific details whatsoever have been offered to support the official story, but this problem has not prevented the mass media from engaging in wild speculation to fill the vacuum that might otherwise have been occupied by news and facts.

We now know that the detonator was either "an iPod, digital watch or mobile phone" or any other "electronic device". The raw "explosives" could be either "colourless, pale yellow or brown" or any other colour depending on what explosive was used, and could have been a "liquid" or "powder" disguised as "baby milk", "fizzy drinks", "baby formula", "medicines", or "food". The "ingredients" for the explosives could have included either "fuel" and "fertilizer" or anything else that an "Islamic fascist" could "manufacture" in his "kitchen". Indeed anything at all that any "expert" willing to speak to a "journalist" can think-up becomes newsworthy.

So what type of bomb, or materials, exactly, if any, was found in the possession of the 21 Muslims arrested so far? The US, the UK, and Israel have been killing civilians every day this week in Lebanon, Palestine, Iraq and Afghanistan using mass-produced weapons and ammunition.

The "scale" of the attack, had it ever occurred, is said to be "unimaginable", though politicians, officials, and journalists have succeeded in imagining the mechanism and effect of the plot in vivid and specific detail, from the "iPod" detonator to the final death-toll which would have "surpassed" 9/11, as extensively reported around the world.

The authorities in the UK have allowed flights to continue today, despite the apparently great danger. The British Airways website warns that "some" flights to the US may be disrputed, but their arrivals/departures feature shows most flights to the US departing on schedule, including the next flight from Heathrow to Washington (flight BA0229 at 1300 BST).

The terror alert clearly serves the propaganda requirements of allies of the British regime and the regime its self, not least by perpetuating the myth that we in the west are all engaged in a "war" against "terrorism", therefore any strategy is justified.

Along with related reports and commentary, the story has replaced the continuing Israeli attacks in Lebanon and Palestine as the most prominent news topic.


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