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The Woolwich incident - What next
What happened after the Woolwich killing was a terrible incident which has no place in islam. A wide Section of the Muslim community came out directly after the attack to condemn it. Telephone phone ins, Twitter feeds etc. Muslims were made to feel like they were directly responsible and had to come and explain ourselves in as far as begging for forgiveness. O' Muslims we have to remain strong in light of these attacks and not weak and at the same time hold on to our islamic deen and islamic principles. Do not forget that it was not You or I who killed this army soldier so why do we need to apologise. We do not see the same people apologising for the deaths of thousands of Iraqi and Afghani civilians killed by US and UK soldiers. Do they think that a death of a white person is more valuable then the death of a Muslim iraqi on the streets of baghdad. Its beginning to feel that way. For as long as we can remember British and US have been killing Muslims virtually every day with no media coverage and we are made to feel guilty for a crime we did not commit. Oh Muslims we do not need to become like them. We do not need to react in the same way like the US and UK armed forces are acting in our countries. Trying to steal our resorces and killing anyone who wishes to stand in their way. Unfortunately We have become weak and our understanding of the reality we are living under has meant we cannot defend our deen against such attacks in the right way. We need to explain to the non muslims that Islam considers it haram to take innocent life, it would be wrong to become silent about injustices where we see them.

We need to criticise UK and UK foreign policy which has resulted in far more deaths which they do not wish to highlight. It is not the Muslims that are radicalising our youth to commit these acts rather it is direct result of their foreign policy which they are in continual denial. The never ending occupation of our lands and the complicity of our rulers. We need to confront anyone who wishes to spread untruths towards our deen and to stay silent in the face of such attacks is the same as admitting guilt for something which we are not responsible for. It is our rulers in the Muslim countries that are the real problem. They are the ones who allow the UK and US to establish bases in our countries and steal our resources and kill anyone who wishes to oppose their occupation. This is also terrorism but do we ever argue this with the west. if the fasists and cowardly EDL and BNP want to attack our sisters by pulling their off their hijabs and attack our masjids let them be warned that they are acting just as worse as those who commit terrorist acts.

Oh Muslims be strong and do not allow the west to spread misleading and incorrect statements about islam. Do not let them make us feel that we are the terrorists. Expose their foreign policy, Make them apologise for allowing their troops to commit acts of terror. Ask the media why they do not broadcast the daily terrorist acts that are being committed each day by Obama and Cameron by way of drone attacks on innocent civilians. They do not because it would " put innocent Soldiers lives at risk".

Let us be the ones who carry the information about our deen in the best way possible with wisdom and good speech so that one day the light and justice of islam will be carried forward to even the hardest of hearts.

"Then, as to those who Believed and did righteous Deeds, their Lord will Admit them to His Mercy: That will be the Achievement for all to see. Quran 45/30

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