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The new Iraq: Are women, specificaly, and civilians, generally, better off?
Evan Peters
(Reading suggestions from Evan Peters, 20 Apr 06)


I highly recommend three recent essays for insightful reading and online publication:

[1] Bonnie Erbe's 4-20-06 CD/SPI essay, "UNITED STATES IS NO HELP TO IRAQI WOMEN" [Many American feminists believed Mr. Bush's "post-war" claim that we had liberated Iraq's women from tyranny. However, a recent U.N.-sponsored poll received a surprising response: it turns out that Iraq's women believe they were significantly better off under Saddam Hussein's authoritarian-socialist regime, despite the fact that most of them despised Saddam's brutality.]: http://www.commondreams.org/views06/0419-28.htm

[2] Marjorie Lasky, Medea Benjamin and Andrea Buffa's April 2006 Code Pink report, "IRAQI WOMEN UNDER SIEGE" [Download this 20-page report to find out WHY Iraq's women are saying that they're significantly worse off today than they were under Saddam Hussein's regime.]: http://www.codepinkalert.org/downloads/IraqiWomenReport.pdf

[3] Nicholas Davies' 3-29-06 OnlineJournal essay, "ESTIMATING CIVILIAN DEATHS IN IRAQ: SIX SURVEYS" [Contrary to U.S. and U.K government propaganda, six surveys prove, when taken as a whole, that: (a) the number of Iraqi civilians who've suffered violent deaths during the Iraq War is now well above 128,000, and possibly above 285,000; (b) the majority of these violent deaths were caused by Coalition air strikes; (c) 55 percent of these violent deaths were inflicted upon women and children; and (d) this doesn't include the large number of people who have simply disappeared without a trace amid the violence and chaos.]: http://onlinejournal.com/artman/publish/article_643.shtml

THE MORAL OF THIS STORY: In a very real sense, every illegal war of aggression is state-sponsored terrorism on a massive scale. Most of the victims of the Iraq War's reign of terror are: women; children; the elderly; and other innocent civilian noncombatants. When will we learn: (1) that even the best of intentions does not guarantee a good outcome, and frequently leads to a bad outcome, when we unleash the uncontrollable chaos of war; and (2) that violence only begets more violence, and warfare more wars?

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