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Which has more reward, fasting the 13, 14, 15 of each month or Mondays and Thursdays?

Clapping in Muslim Gatherings And Celebrations

E-Numbers Listing

Taraweeh 8 or 20? Response to Fanatics/Sufi Muqallids I
The Number of Rakat in Taraweeh is an issue in which the people of knowledge have differed. We as muslims must respect the differences of opinions if its based on Quran and Sunnah. But there are certain people that go to extremes in proving their stance to be correct.

InshaAllah Read more: http://www.systemoflife.com/fiqh/salah/337-taraweeh-8-0r-20#F) Opinion of Hanafi imams, taraweeh 8 or 20?#ixzz4jhDu54vJ

Wudu and bleeding gums
Brushing one’s teeth often causes small amounts of bleeding from the gums. Would this invalidate one’s wudu? Should we assume there’s some bleeding even if we don’t see it?

Fard, Sunnah, Mustahabbat and Makruhat in Wudu

When does nose bleeding break wudu and does it break wudu when I blow my nose and a very little

It is the Sunnah to pray the Eid Prayer outdoors in a Musallah
It is the Sunnah of the Prophet (sal Allaahu alayhi wa sallam) and his virtuous Companions (may Allaah be pleased with them) to pray the Eid Prayers in a Musallah (an outdoor Prayer Area) and not inside the Masjid.

What is the (permissible) distance in front of the one praying that someone is allowed to pass by?

Eid prayer for women is Sunnah
Is Eid prayer obligatory for women? If it is obligatory, should they pray at home or in the musalla (prayer place)?.

Using a puffer for asthma does not invalidate the fast
Does using a puffer for asthma in the mouth during the day in Ramadaan invalidate the fast for one who is suffering difficulty in breathing?.

Ruling on holding a second congregational prayer in the mosque
Is it allowed to hold a second congregational prayer . This article discusses the answer to this question

The weak Hadith on "the virtue of dying on Friday"
Is passing away on Friday or Thursday night of any significance. this article aims to find out.

The scientific signs in Fasting the white days
The white days are the thirteenth, fourteenth and fifteenth of every lunar month, they were named with this name because the moon becomes full on them and the light becomes strong which makes their nights are completely luminous especially in desert

The days to fast apart from Ramadan
Can I please know which days I should fast before Ramadan start? If you can give me some dates because I am not an Arab. I converted to Islam and if I can know also when the Ramadan will start exactly?

Dhu al-Hijjah begins (Eid al-Adha to be on Sun., Oct. 5)
Crescentwatch has confirmed that the new crescent moon (hilal) of Dhul-Hijjah has been sighted on Thursday evening (Sept. 25th) at numerous locations around the globe including California, Virginia, and throughout the U.S.. Along with the completion of 30 days of Dhu al-Qidah, this marks the beginning of the sacred month of Dhu al-Hijjah, with its first day on Friday, Sept. 26th.

We will thus observe the blessed day of Eid al-Adha (the 10th of Dhu al-Hijjah) on Sunday, October 5th, insha'Allah.
The first ten days of Dhu al-Hijjah are considered to be among the holiest days of the entire year. May Allah make this blessed month a source of benefit, enrichment, and closeness to Allah, Most High.

Crescentwatch did not receive any confirmed reports of the new crescent moon (hilal) being sighted anywhere in the world via naked-eye on the evening of Wednesday, September 25th. We received numerous negative reports from experienced moon-sighters with clear skies around the world including South Africa and throughout North America.

We will thus complete the 30 days of Dhu al-Qidah and begin the sacred month of Dhu al-Hijjah Thursday evening with its first day on Friday, September 26th. We will celebrate the blessed day of Eid al-Adha (the 10th of Dhu al-Hijjah) on Sunday, October 5th, insha'Allah.

Crescentwatch.org adheres to the traditional principal that Islamic lunar months begin and end based on the confirmed, verifiable, naked-eye sighting of the new crescent moon.

Is Eid Connected with Hajj

Moon Sighting Report for Dhul Hijjah 1435 AH
The Wifaqul Ulama UK have decided that the month of Dhul Qidah 1435 AH will complete 30-days and the month of Dhul Hijjah 1435 AH will start from Friday 26th September 2014, which means Eid-ul Adha will be on Sunday 5th October 2014, Insha-Allah.

Note: None of the official Saudi Hilal Committee Members were able to sight the hilal on Wednesday 24th September 2014, but the Supreme Court has accepted the claims of a few early-sighters from near Riyadh (Shaqra/Sudair), even though the moon was not expected to be sighted anywhere in Saudi Arabia or in the whole world on that evening.

Update: We have received a fax from Morocco Awqaf Ministry that their month of Dhul Hijjah 1435 AH will also start from Friday 26th September 2014, which means their Eid-ul Adha will also be on Sunday 5th October 2014, Insha-Allah

Beginning from the Fajr of the 9th Zulhijjah up to the 'Asr prayer of the 13th, it is obligatory on each Muslim to recite the Takbir of Tashriq after every fard prayer in the following words.

Eid al-Adha is on the 10th day of D. Hijja by the sighted moon
The answer is very clear. The Muslims must follow the Quran, the Sunnah, and the consensus of the Ummah for the last 1400 years. The Qur’an specifies the crescent moons as determining the Islamic dates, and the Hajj. Saudi authorities fix the Islamic and Hajj dates by other than 'Ahilla', and therefore the Muslims must not follow them. We checked the books of Fiqh, and did not find any support for the assertion that Eidul Adha should be made on the basis of Hajj decision. The Hadith of the Prophet - peace be upon him - that al-Hajj yauma yahujju al-nas is for those who make Hajj. Of course those who go to Hajj must go to 'Arafah according to the decision of the authorities there, even if that is contrary to the astronomical data or someone's own moon sighting. But people in far away lands do not make Hajj in their locations. They have to make Eid prayer and make Qurbani. They cannot have Eid on 9th of Dhul Hijjah, if the moon was not sighted in their location and sighted in Arabia one day before. They cannot have Udhhiyaha a day earlier.Every Year the issue of The begining of Ramadhan and the start of Eid Ul fitar and the start of Dhul Hijjah and Eid Al Adha becomes a Talking point in the Muslim community.